Who We Are

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s Office of Preparedness and Emergency Management (OPEM) has developed Health and Medical Coordinating Coalitions (HMCC) in each of the six regions throughout the state. These HMCCs are made up of healthcare organizations and local public health departments; additionally, each coalition has an Executive Committee that consists of representatives from the following disciplines: community health centers, EMS, hospitals, local public health, and long-term care.

For each region, OPEM has chosen a Sponsoring Organization to oversee the fiscal and administrative aspects of the program. Within each Sponsoring Organization are a Program Manager and a Planning and Operations Coordinator, who each serve in a full-time capacity.

In Region 2, the City of Worcester has been named the Sponsoring Organization, with the HMCC Program Manager, HMCC Planning and Operations Coordinator, Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Regional Coordinator, and Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) Regional Coordinator all making up the Division of Public Health’s Office of Health and Medical Preparedness. In addition, the Worcester Regional Medical Reserve Corps (WRMRC) is housed within that office, with the WRMRC Coordinator serving in a contract role.

During its second year, the Region 2 HMCC decided to transition from “Region 2 HMCC” to a name that better represents the role of the coalition. From there ARCHE was born, which stands for “Aligning Resources for CentralMass Health Emergencies.”


Alissa Errede, MSEM

HMCC Program Manager


Through her position as the Chief of Emergency Preparedness within the City of Worcester’s Division of Public Health, Alissa Errede serves as the Program Manager for the Massachusetts Region 2 Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition (HMCC). Alissa oversees the fiscal, administrative, and programmatic components of the HMCC grant. She also takes a lead role in the development and implementation of initiatives designed to foster a multi-disciplinary, regional approach during all phases of an emergency, such as the annual Region 2 Health and Medical Emergency Preparedness Conference. Prior to her current role, Alissa worked in a similar capacity in Maine which provided insight into how a coalition may function in a more rural environment. She holds a BA in English from Worcester State University and a Master’s Degree in Emergency Management from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Katrina Stanziano, MDPH

Planning and Operations Coordinator


Through her position within the City of Worcester’s Division of Public Health, Katrina Stanziano serves as the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Coordinator for the Massachusetts Region 2 Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition (HMCC).  Katrina is the liaison between the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) and the seventy-four local Boards of Health in Region 2. Katrina is also the liaison between MDP and ten acute care hospitals in Region 2. She works with the local public health departments in the region and ten acute care hospitals in the region to fulfill the PHEP and HPP grant deliverables. .  Katrina holds a BA in Geography, BS in Exercise Science, and a Masters in Public Health from Virginia  Polytechnic Institute and State University.


What We Do

Within Region 2 are seventy-four local public health departments, ten acute care hospitals, and hundreds of other healthcare related organizations, including community health centers, long-term care centers, and EMS providers. The goal of ARCHE is to align the emergency planning, mitigation, response, and recovery efforts of those entities so that they may feed into a larger regional plan.

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